Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

When I was growing up, it was kind of a family tradition to get all dressed up for church and then take family pictures. This has resulted in some hilarious family pictures over the years. My mom always went to great lengths to have us all in a matching color. One of my brothers always hated this and would never smile in the pictures, and was even crying in some of them.

Today I tried to match us up. I started with my own outfit since I have, like, 3 things I can still wear. Then, Emma's pink dress wouldn't fit over her head. (I am a little upset about this since she has never worn it before, I bought it last year, and it is absolutely adorable. If I had known it was made for toddlers with shrunken heads, I never would have bought it.) So I told Aaron to wear whatever he wanted to.Emma had to go ahead and wear her yellow dress. It was also FREEZING outside. (Okay, it was really about 40 degrees, but it was 70 the day before!)

On Saturday, I bought Emma some new white shoes, since Easter is the official start of white shoe season (does anybody still go by that rule anymore? I have heard that it no longer applies, but I don't want to be in danger of being fashionably wrong). She loves the shoes and thinks that she is so grown up in them! And here is the family picture. I put it last so that everytime I go to my blog I don't have to see myself. I think that I will put on a little tinted lip gloss next time I let someone take my picture! Oh, and I am never wearing my white shoes again while I am pregnant. I should have gone with some more sensible shoes. Hello, swollen ankles (or at least they were last time I was able to see them)!


Piglet 26 said...

haley you look adorable...and if I get a chance to come see you, you will look rockin' awesome in my pictures!

Janel said...

Emma looks so big! Her hair has gotten long, and I love her Easter dress.

Jewele said...

What a darling little family! How do you get Emma to pose so nicely?! We had a cold Easter as well, but never fear, today it's 84. I think you look darling, and I sure miss your sense of humor!