Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Princess
I bought Emma a princess crown and she loves to wear it. She also likes wearing her beads (some that her BB gave her and some that I got for her). Lately she has been getting my ponytail holders and wearing them as bracelets. She will bring one to me and hold her arm out for me to put it on her. So I thought that I would take the whole princess thing one step further and make her a robe out of her bear blanket. She was looking at herself in the mirror, but she was also mad at me because I was trying to get her to stand still so I could take her picture. (She also has a princess wand with a big star on the top and she likes to bop me on the head with it.)
Funny story about this picture: I keep Emma's plastic bowls, spoons, and cups in this drawer and I just let her get them out and play with them whenever I am in the kitchen (or whenever she wants to play with them). Well, on this night Aaron was working on homework and I was at my desk working on nursery stuff. I started hearing things hit the trash can. I looked in the kitchen and Emma was taking things out of her drawer, one at a time, and throwing them in the trash can. I decided to just watch and see what she would do. Once she had her drawer all cleaned out, she crawled up in the drawer and sat down. It was so funny!
Here is another picture of Emma in the drawer.
Happy Halloween!
Here is Emma in her Halloween costume surrounded by our jack-o-lanterns and baby pumpkins. (She knocked my jack-o-lantern over, which is just as well because it wasn't as cute as hers and Aaron' year I am making Aaron carve mine too!) She had a fun time trick or treating. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Jones', Engebretsen's, our Bishop's, and Ammon and Jillian's. Emma had a fun time but was sure worn out by the end of the night!
Here is a shot of Emma from the back in her costume. It was so funny to watch her try and walk!
We had a ward playgroup Halloween party and this is Emma with some of the other kids in the ward. The little boy in the karate outfit is 8 days older than Emma (his name is Jack).
When we were carving our Halloween pumpkins, we took out all the "guts" and let Emma play with them. She had a lot of fun!