Tuesday, October 25, 2005

This is Emma's friend, Martin. He lives in the building next to us and he came over to have his picture made in his Halloween costume!
Aparently she thinks that this picture taking stuff is funny!
This is Emma's Halloween outfit. I tried to make a "fall" scene to take her picture...yes, I am a professional photographer wannabe. Poor Emma, having to suffer through all my picture taking.
We decided to take a family picture after church in the yard in front of our building.
This is a dress from Miss Cindi Jenkins and MaryAnn, Catherine and John Michael Haley. Emma wore it on Sunday to church and she was so pretty in it.
Aaron and I decided that Emma looks a lot like her Aunt Julia did in her baby pictures.
Emma is wearing a dress that Erin Summerill sent from Hawaii. I know that the quilt isn't the best background for the dress, but Emma was doing a "fashion show" with all her cute clothes, and I just had to take a quick picture!
This is a beautiful dress that Jane Ann Loftis gave to Emma. She is also laying on the quilt that I made for her.

Friday, October 21, 2005

These are the cutest cheeks I have ever seen in my life!
Baby Emma says 'hi' to everyone!
We took a family picture while we were on a fall drive on the Alpine Loop in American Fork Canyon.
Here is Emma in her new headwrap and outfit that BB bought for her. It takes up her entire head! She looks so cute in it!