Monday, August 10, 2009

Emma is Four!

Today is Emma's fourth birthday. My, how the years have gone by! I have so many memories with this girl. I could go on forever, with memories of her growing up, but I will focus on the "now."

Emma's body seems to finally be growing into her personality. She has always known what she wants and how she wants it, she is just so vocal about it these days. She is fun, sassy, sweet, all at the same time. Emma is also very smart, and inquisitive.

She also keeps us laughing non-stop. Just this morning, she came out of my bedroom and said, "Mom, I am getting ready for my birfday. I putted on your pineapple lotion all over my legs and I put some dusting (loose powder) on my cheeks. Do I look beau-ty-full?" Yes, baby girl, you do!

Here are some things Emma has done over the past year: First trip to the ER, complete with scan of noggin.

Last minute family trip to "Florida Destin." Emma loved it so much there and asks to go back all the time. She loves the beach! Emma also went on her first "date." With her daddy. And her Jefe. She had so much fun! Emma finds my camera and then runs and hides. Then she takes lots of pictures. Some, like this one, are keepers! She loves to help cook. And it {obviously} doesn't even matter if anyone is really cooking. She started riding dirt bikes...with her dad, of course! She has been missing her Uncle Russell. She has been finding her own "style." Emma has been teaching her brothers all the things she knows. She is such a great big sister!

Emma, I am so pleased with the little person you are. You bring me such happiness and joy every single day of my life! I am so blessed to be your mommy! I love you!