Wednesday, May 13, 2009

April (the first part)

Well, once again, another month has passed and I am playing catch up with my blog. So here are the highlights from April (well, the first part, anyway)! Jonathan has become quite the little entertainer! During his meal time, he loves to take his bib off and put it on his head. He thinks he is so funny when he does it!
WARNING: If you are easily grossed out (or can't handle looking at baby barf), you may want to scroll past this picture really fast. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
William got really sick one night after eating baby food peas. He and Jonathan were both really tired, and they were crying uncontrollably (while I was trying to clean them up after their dinner). Jonathan had been crying longer, so I took him up to his bed first. (Face it, with twins, sometimes you have to choose one over the other. In instances like this, I choose the one that is more upset.) When I got back to get William, he was hysterical. As I picked him up, I noticed that his stomach was rock hard. I gave him his binky, which he spit out. So I tried to give it back to him, and then he puked. All down the front of my shirt, in my shirt, and all down my back. And on the carpet. And on my jeans. The dark spots on my shirt are where it is in my shirt and is seeping through. Only a mother could love a kid that does that to her...
This is our only picture from Easter that I am putting on here. Our family pictures from after church look pretty rough. Okay, they are horrible. But, here are Emma and Aaron dyeing Easter eggs. We found some things out after this.

A) Inside the house is probably not a good choice.

B) Wearing white shirts probably isn't a good idea either.

C) When blue easter egg dye spills down the front of cabinets, it will soak EVERYTHING that is in said cabinets.

D) No matter how fast desperate mother tries to clean up blue egg dye, it will seep into the cracks where the cabinet front meets the drawer, and it will stain the inside of the drawers.

E) I love my kid more than my cabinets. I love my kid more than my cabinets. I love my kid more than my cabinets.

F) And finally, I learned that no matter how upset I am, sometimes it is best not to show it.

I got to go to my first Braves game in April. Aaron was working one night, and no one was using the company tickets, so Aaron and one of his co-workers got the tickets.
Just a little FYI: This is a very, VERY unflattering picture of Aaron. But I look pretty good in it, which is why it is here. It's all about me! The tickets were for Row 8. Well, as you can see, the roof of the Home dugout takes up rows 1-5, so we were really the third row back from the field. It was sweet! Here is a picture of Chipper Jones at bat.

We also took a little trip to Florida, but that will be the next post.