Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun Times

Can you guess what happens when you put this:
On this?
And employ this:
And this:as supervision?

Don't know yet? Let me help you.

That is Emma sleeping, in her favorite, most comforting Pooh bear blanket, me sitting in a row of kid size comfy chairs, complete with a sticker on my shirt identifying myself as Emma's parent.

Saturday night, we had a little barbecue with Ammon, Jillian and their kids (they were visiting), and some other friends. After eating, all the kids, and the dads, went to the park to play. Emma decided to go UP the slide (the wrong way) which isn't really a problem as long as someone is there to supervise. Halfway up the slide, (the slide she has gone up many, many times) Emma lost her footing and fell off. Onto her head.

Now, here's the thing: Emma is a pretty tough kid. I have seen her take some pretty nasty spills and she usually shakes it off within 5-10 minutes and goes on her way. That didn't happen this time.

As soon as she fell, she started crying, sobbing, wailing, what have you. Her eyes started rolling back in her head, like she was falling asleep. But she was still crying. So, we did what any good parents would do in this situation: We got out a flashlight and shined it in her eyes, trying to make sure her pupils were both dilating, blah blah blah. They were, and we thought she would be fine. After 30 minutes, she was still crying pretty hard, so we decided to call the nurse line with our insurance company. While we were on the phone with the nurse, Emma fell asleep, which I felt fine about since her eyes were fine, and she had been awake for a half hour since the incident. Until....Emma threw up. All over the place. At that point, the nurse on the phone said to take her to the emergency room. So we called our pediatrician...who said to do the same thing. We quickly set off for the hospital.

We got there, and after getting her all checked out, and having a CT scan as a precaution, we were told that she probably had a concussion, but nothing really to worry about.

This was my facebook status the following day: Trip to Scottish Rite Emergency Room, mandatory valet parking at ER, CT scan, concussion diagnosis, lots of stickers and one balloon-$77 copay

Knowing that Emma's head is okay, and then hearing her say, "So, this is why you don't want me to go up the slide the wrong way, right Mom?"-priceless!