Monday, October 27, 2008

Some More Pictures

In an attempt to get up to speed with my pictures, I am just posting some random ones that I like.Here are William and Jonathan one Sunday before church in the cutest little outfits that my friend from college, Kari Anna, got for them. She mailed them to me soon after the boys were born, and her card said something like, "I am sure that these look huge now, but they will fit sooner than you think." It is true. I pulled them out of the box, and they look enormous. It was hard to imagine the outfits ever fitting my tiny, less-than-five-pound babies. But she was right. They did fit. And now they are almost too small. And that is kind of sad to me. We have been giving the boys their baths together lately. They love to splash and play in the water. It is so much fun to watch them squeal and kick in the water. Jonathan is on the left, and William is on the right. My mom got Emma this little princess/ballerina dress. She LOVES it and wants to wear it to church every Sunday. Somehow I have convinced her that she can wear it every other Sunday. She also likes me to put her hair up and put a pink ribbon that says "Princess" on it around her hair. If you're gonna fish, why not try fishing like this? My dad loves to take Emma fishing in the pond at the farm. She loves getting to hold the "fishing wand." This is just a far away shot of Dad, Emma and Russ fishing at the pond. (And that is my dad's favorite shirt. Because it was free. And because he will never get lost in a crowd. No matter how hard we try to lose him!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Emma Updates

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do.

This post is mainly pictures of Emma and some of her fun adventures over the last few weeks (okay, months. I am that far behind in my blogging.). Emma had her first bike crash a while back. She has an indoor bike that has special wheels for riding inside. Well, wouldn't ya know, the first time we let her take it outside and ride it around the block (with Aaron, Russell and I), she crashes. And breaks her fall with her face! I love this picture of her on the bathroom counter. It totally looks like a prison mug shot. This is Emma the day after the crash. The swelling went down, and the road rash began to emerge. Bike crash with road rash at age 3. Russell is such a proud uncle! This may not look like anything to you, but it is Emma's name written on the carport with side walk chalk. She just went out one day and wrote it. I haven't helped her write, make letters, or anything (I know, I am a bad mom.)! If you look closely, you will see that her "E" has a few more lines than necessary, her "M's" kind of look like "N's" and her "A" slightly resembles an "F." BUT she did this ALL BY HERSELF! She must be some kind of genius or something-takes after her mother, no doubt! (That is to be read with total sarcasm!) Here is Emma with her picnic. One day she kept getting out all the napkins and paper plates, and I couldn't figure out why, until I saw her picnic. One day, Aaron and I were spying on Emma while she was playing out in the yard. She kept going from one of my potted plants to the rain gauge. She was filling the gauge with dirt. There, all full! (These pictures are so blurry because I took them from the kitchen window. Where I was spying on her.) Emma went wakeboarding with her daddy over Labor Day weekend. We went out with some friends on their boat, and Emma got up enough courage to get out behind the boat! The first time, (she went more than once!) she started out by hanging on to Aaron's neck. She loved it! He eventually moved her around so that he could hold her for the ride.The second time, she actually stood on the board. It was so funny because not long after she stood up, we were swamped with 3 boats and 2 jet skis, making for a pretty bumpy ride. I think she got scared a little then, but that didn't stop her from talking about getting her own wakeboard for "next time." Emma helped Aaron wash his car one day, by getting in the bucket. She likes getting herself into small places (remember the garbage bag box?). And I couldn't end this post without some pictures of the boys. Here they are, again, sleeping in the same position. I think this one is so funny because of their outfits.

I will most likely post some more pictures this week. We have been having lots of fun, and just got back from a trip to Disneyworld, so I have a lot more pictures!