Sunday, May 11, 2008

First, I want to wish everyone a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I have had a great day-Aaron made me butterscotch bundt for breakfast, steak and crab legs for lunch, and I am supposed to be taking a nap right now. I wanted to update the blog first, though. Aaron's mom came down for lunch and I am taking advantage of the extra time I have while she entertains the kiddies! The boys had a pretty good week. No doctor's appointment this week. They will be having a weight check this coming Friday, though. I am hoping that they are still gaining as well as they have been.

A great thing happened this week: The pediatrician's office called and said that their Similac rep had been by the office and he dropped off six sample bottles of NeoSure formula. (This is the formula that the boys are supposed to have two bottles of every day until they are nine months old.) They told me I could come get all six bottles, and that if he came back by before their two month appointment, they would give us the formula that he leaves then. It is about $8 a bottle, so that just saved me $50! Have I mentioned how much I love our pediatrician and her staff? I love these pictures of the boys. Aaron put them in the boppy together after one of their feedings. They were kind of sitting on top of each other, but I think they liked it. They haven't slept this well in a little while now! (William is on the left, Jonathan is on the right.) I thought that William looked so cute in this picture. He looks like he is deep in thought! Aaron got out the swing that was Emma's when she was a baby. It plays little songs while it swings. We put it in the basement when we aren't using it. Today Aaron came up from the basement and said, "You have to go down and see Emma." So I went down stairs, and half way down the stairs I could hear the music playing. I got further down the stairs and there she sat, pretending to be asleep and rocking in the swing. This is a picture of our new patio set that we got last weekend. I love the wrought iron patio furniture like this. It makes me think of my Nannie and sitting on the front porch at the farm house. So, I insisted on getting this kind (not to mention it was cheaper than some of the other sets, and of course, I was on a budget.) Anyway, we put it out on the back patio, and we have really enjoyed having it out there. Aaron ate his breakfast out there every morning the past week, and we have had dinner out there a few nights this week as well. We love our yard and all the pretty trees out there. We also have tons of squirrels and birds that Emma tries to "sneak" (that is what she says when she wants to sneak up on someone or something).

We are getting pretty settled in around here. We sure do love having these boys here, and we always love all the cute things that Emma comes up with. Oh, I do have to put one Emma story on here: My brother Russell is living with us (don't know if I have mentioned that before or not) and he and Emma fight over who gets to watch the tv. Lately when Emma wants to watch a show and Russ won't let her, she will come to me and say (in a slightly crying voice), "You need to say abra cadabra to Russell." Apparently she thinks that this will magically make him let her have her way. So, she has been on the "abra cadabra" kick lately. The other day I was standing at the counter and she was playing with the picture of Jesus with the children that she got from church last Sunday. I had my back to her, and heard,"Abra Cadabra, Jesus disappear!" as she covered Jesus' face with a toy. I have thought about this several times over the last week and I crack up every time I think of that!

That is all for today. Have a great week!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Week 4: Where has the time gone?

I realized the other day that it is already May. I wondered what happened to the month of April. Then I remembered: Change the boys, feed the boys, pump, do laundry. Change the boys, feed the boys, pump, dry the laundry. Change the boys, feed the boys, pump, wash laundry. You get the idea! Actually, it hasn't been that routine...we have had a lot of fun with these little guys! For example:I had the camera with me after nursing the boys one evening and I took pictures of them while they were awake. Can you tell who is who? Yep, that is William on the left and Jonathan on the right. I love the face that William is making in this picture! They are so funny sometimes! Here they are looking so sweet! They had a doctor's appointment on Friday. William weighs 7 pounds, 5 ounces, and Jonathan weighs 7 pounds 10 1/2 ounces. Jonathan gained a whole pound since his last appointment! They have outgrown their preemie clothes and diapers and are now wearing size newborn clothes and diapers! Oh, and by the way, my due date is this Wednesday (May 7). Aaron likes to carry both boys at the same time. The only problem is that when he wants to put one down, he has to have some assistance! BEWARE! This is what happens if you aren't quick enough getting a boy in the bathtub! Jonathan has a great aim! We took the boys for their first stroller ride yesterday. I think they are still a little small for our double jogger stroller! Another view of them in the stroller so you can get the full effect! We let Emma ride on the front and then we covered the whole thing with a blanket. Emma is sitting in the foot rests for the stroller seats. It was pretty easy to push all three, but I can't imagine jogging with all three on there! On Saturday I got some much needed (and I like to think much deserved) relaxation time. I planted some plants! My dad sent down several plants for me and I spent the morning planting them in front of the house. It was quite cloudy the whole time I was working, and as soon as I planted the last heuchera, it started to rain! Impeccable timing! On Saturday evening, Aaron and I went to Home Depot and he bought me the hanging baskets for Mother's Day. Oh, we got a new patio set, too. I will have to post a picture of it some other time. That was also part of my Mother's Day present! I planted Guacamole hosta, Plum Pudding heuchera, and Pirate's Patch tiarella. That probably doesn't mean anything to most of you, but I know there are some plant nerds who read my blog who might care! The viney stuff was already in the landscape (I forget what it is). Oh, and Emma helped me. Her favorite part was playing with all the earth worms I dug up!

That is all for this week! Have a good week.