Friday, January 12, 2007

I really like this picture of Emma. She loved being outside and playing in the snow! I know that she is wearing a crazy combination of clothes, but there isn't much in the way of snow clothes for 18 month olds!
Here are Emma and her friend Martin showing off their mittens!
We had a snow storm yesterday and Aaron took Emma out to play in the snow. This is the first time she has ever really played in the snow!
Summer is over and Emma just can't give up her life jacket. We keep it in the top of her closet but whenever Emma sees it, she will stand at the bottom of the closet and point and say "please" till we get it down for her!
I know that Christmas is over, but I had to put this picture in. On Christmas Eve, we went to Aaron's aunt and uncle's house in Kaysville and the kids acted out the nativity while one of Aaron's uncles read the story out of the scriptures. Emma was an angel and we let the kids borrow Emma's new baby doll to play the baby Jesus. Well, Emma did not really want to share her baby doll. So, she stole the baby and ran away with it. I don't remember that part of the Christmas story....
Here is Emma on the couch with her Peru llama and her bunny hat from Nannie.