Saturday, April 21, 2007

What a little sweet heart! (For an explanation on the towel and the washcloth, read the next post.)
Lately Emma loves her bath. She plays with cups, bowls and spoons, and loves washcloths. When we turn on the water to start her bath, she goes to the cabinet and gets all her bath "toys" and starts throwing them in, one by one, till everything she wants to play with is in there. On this particular day, she was splashing water everywhere, so I got a towel and put it on the floor next to the tub. I turned my back for 5 seconds, and when I turned back around, it was in the tub with her and she was using it as a blanket. Then she wanted to use it as a coat. So, here she is with her coat, her hat (washcloth) and her water purse (a bath poof). Isn't she lovely?
This picture really belongs between the Thanksgiving Point picture and the BYU Easter Egg hunt one. But I forgot to put it in there, and I don't want to erase the other posts to put this one in order, because I am afraid that I won't be able to write all those clever things for all those other pictures again. With that being said, here is Emma's easter basket. She got candy, a bunny and a book from her Grandpa Craig and Granny Jamie, a coloring book and crayons from me, and Aaron got her the sparkly flower windmill thing (it is late and my brain isn't working too well right now) and some of those dinosaur-sponge-capsule things. Then she got a package in the mail from BB, Jefe, and Kat Kat for Easter. It had lots of Dora the Explorer things in it, like: backpack, stickers, books, magnets, door hangers, games and some Old Navy gift cards (oh no wait, those were for her mommy!)
"Easter" Sunday... I put Easter in quotation marks, because this is more like an Easter Sunday redo. We missed church on Easter because Craig was in town, his flight left during our church meetings, Aaron took him to the airport, and I wasn't about to go to church just to sit in nursery. So Emma wore her Easter dress the next Sunday. And I couldn't find any white shoes anywhere...which explains why she is wearing the black ones. No white shoes on Easter? What a crime. (Wait a minute, this picture isn't even of Easter...)
Another Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. We went with Grandma and Grandpa Jones, Ammon and Jillian and baby Grace to the Tulip Festival this year. It was beautiful as always, and would've been more beautiful if Emma had gotten a nap that day. When it was time to leave, we gave her a sippie cup of juice, put her in her car seat, and she was asleep within 30 seconds.
Aaron took Emma to the BYU Easter Egg hunt that was held on the baseball field. The BYU mascot, Cosmo the Cougar was there, and Emma was scared to death of him. First of all, she thought that he was a bear. And then she kept signing and saying scared any time he came anywhere near her. Sad part of it all was that she didn't get any eggs. Long story.
Conference weekend at Grandma and Grandpa Hale's; Grace in Emma's doll stroller; Emma's doll about to be run over by the stroller.
No, we did not have cheese and sour cream for supper. I think that we had fajitas that night and Emma got the cheese and sour cream before I could finish cleaning off the table! (Yes, she had a hair barrette in earlier that day, she just ripped it our right before supper.)
Oh my dairy princess!