Saturday, April 21, 2007

This picture really belongs between the Thanksgiving Point picture and the BYU Easter Egg hunt one. But I forgot to put it in there, and I don't want to erase the other posts to put this one in order, because I am afraid that I won't be able to write all those clever things for all those other pictures again. With that being said, here is Emma's easter basket. She got candy, a bunny and a book from her Grandpa Craig and Granny Jamie, a coloring book and crayons from me, and Aaron got her the sparkly flower windmill thing (it is late and my brain isn't working too well right now) and some of those dinosaur-sponge-capsule things. Then she got a package in the mail from BB, Jefe, and Kat Kat for Easter. It had lots of Dora the Explorer things in it, like: backpack, stickers, books, magnets, door hangers, games and some Old Navy gift cards (oh no wait, those were for her mommy!)

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