Sunday, January 29, 2006

Here is Emma before church this morning. She is wearing a dress that was mine when I was a baby. Doesn't she look so sweet?
I love this picture! And those cheeks! We are going to call her "cachetas" which is spanish for "cheeks."
Emma let me take so many cute pictures of her this morning!
Here is Ammon, David, Aaron and Emma at the MTC as we drop David off. Don't those guys look handsome all dressed up?
We took David to the MTC last week and here is Emma "doing the honors" (putting on David's missionary tag) with a little help from Aaron.
Lately, anytime I pull out the camera, Emma gives me her best smiles. I think we might have another Janel on our hands!
I know that it looks like I posed Emma for this shot, but I swear I just plopped her on the couch and she fell over into this position. It was so funny!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Emma tries rice cereal for the first time...this is the look that says "What is this stuff?!?"
Emma is about to give her daddy a big slobbery kiss!
Emma love s playing in her "Ocean Wonders" gym that she got for Christmas. She really likes to sit in her boppy and play in it rather than laying on the floor.
This is Emma in her blessing gown. She is sitting on the quilt that I made for her.
Here we are with Emma after her baby blessing.
Emma and Mommy at Opry Land Hotel
Emma and Aunt Kathy
Here is Emma with her Aunt Janae over Christmas.
I have considered nicknaming Emma "cheeks." I don't feel the need to explain why!
Emma met her Uncle Dan for the first time while he was out on a snowboarding trip with Evyn (his girlfriend...I don't have any pictures of her).