Sunday, November 27, 2005

On Friday Aaron, Emma and I all went up to Park City to do some Christmas shopping and to walk around Main Street and have lunch. It was really cold so we bought Emma a beanie to wear. It is size 0-6 months, and obviously a little bit too big for her! Aaron put her in the Baby Bjorn carrier and then zipped her up in his jacket. I had to take a picture and she made the cutest face just in time!
We got so many compliments from people on Main Street in Park City about "how cute" and "how precious" Emma was in her hat. I think that she is cute and precious all the time! (But she does look adorable in that hat!)
Here is Emma in her "Joyce Scott" dress. (I call it that because Joyce gave it to her.) She looked like a little doll in it at church today. By the time we got home, she was so tired and grumpy that she wasn't really in a picture taking mood. I also realize that I need to find a hairbow that matches the dress a little better. (The quilt in the background is the one I made. I just finished it last week.)
I had to put this one on...she looks like she is saying "cheese" for the camera. It makes me laugh!
We took this picture of Emma today (Sunday). She is getting to a point where she won't smile for the camera anymore so Aaron got her to smile for this picture. I thought that it was just too cute.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Little Emma is three and a half months now. She is getting so big!
Cheryl Hitchcock sent Emma a little soft kitty toy and she loves it! It is one of the only toys she has that she can actually hold on to and we take it with us everywhere we go.
Aaron loves to take Emma for walks. She is big enough to face out in the baby carrier and she loves being able to look at everything outside.
Emma loves it when her daddy reads to her!
I know that I am putting three pictures of the same day on here, but she just looked too cute! I love this picture.
Emma has discovered her hands... and that she likes to eat them!
Emma looks so cute in this dress that Julie Rae let her borrow. Thank you, Julie!
Emma meets her Papa for the first time! She sure loves him!