Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Last Sunday, we had an Easter dinner and egg hunt with our good friends and neighbors, the Carlsons, who are moving to Oregon soon. My friend Hannah and their kids, Martin and Layona, are leaving this coming weekend to go on to Oregon to find an apartment with help from Hannah's parents. So, Hannah and I decided to go ahead and have a little Easter celebration for the kids. We made a ham, hashbrown casserole (funeral potatoes as they are called here---morbid name for such delicious food), salad, rolls, cupcakes, and tons of easter candy! Here is Emma opening one of her eggs.
I think the idea of the egg hunt was lost on these two. Martin and Emma stop picking up eggs to check out what kind of candy they got.
My little baby Emma is a big girl now with hair slightly long enough to put in little pig tails. I still have to hold her bangs back with a barette. I just thought that she looked like a big kid this day, in her little cargo skirt and big girl hair!
Sampson's girlfriend, Brittany, has this really cool red Jeep. She let Emma pretend to drive it, and Emma was so tiny in the Jeep that we had to take pictures! (Emma loves Brittany by the way!)
Emma is pretending to drive Brittany's Jeep. Too bad she can't even see over the dash!
There is a really fun place here called Thanksgiving Point. It has shops, restaurants, a 55-acre scenic garden and a place called Farm Country that is kind of like a petting zoo. The kids can pet and feed cows, sheep, ducks, rabbits and a whole bunch of other farm animals. Here is Emma riding a plastic sheep! A little mutton-bustin' as the call it at the rodeos here!
In this picture, Emma is mooing to try and get one of the calves a little closer so she can pet it!
A couple of weeks ago, we went on a "nature walk" in Rock Canyon. Emma was so funny-she insisted on walking the entire time. She would run off the trail if there was a cool rock or tree that she wanted to see. We stopped at this spot (so Aaron and Russell could do some exploring) and Emma found box elder bugs crawling around everywhere. She would get so excited and pick them up and laugh and squeal while she played with them. On the way back down, she again, insisted on walking all by herself. The trail was a little steep on the way down so she really had to run. She doesn't run all that well, so she was zig-zagging all over the place, back and forth down the trail. She is such a little trooper!
Emma loves Dora the Explorer, and when I found this pink plastic Dora lawn chair at K Mart, I had to buy it. When we came home, we invited her friend, Martin out (he lives next to us) to play and he brought his Spiderman chair. Emma is showing him the "hurt" on her hand (she fell down on the sidewalk) and he is checking to see if he has one, too.
At the end of Aaron's internship, he got to go to Disneyworld and he brought back this pair of mouse ears for Emma. She loves to wear them and puts them on all by herself!
The weather has been warming up and we took Emma to a park near our apartment. She loves to play outside, especially at the park! She is taking a rest from the slides here.
Okay, so I am a horrible mother and I gave my kid Peeps. But I love them, and buy a box every year around Easter and Emma wanted to try one. So I let her. She only took one bite out of it, spit it out, and carried the Peep around for the next hour. The next day she asked for a Peep again. So I gave her one. Again, she took one bite (oddly enough, from the same place-right between its eyes), spit it out, and carried it around.
While Emma and I were in Tennessee, her BB (my mom) got Em some little black boots. Emma loves boots and begged to wear them.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Since I keep my blogspot updated with pictures of Emma, I thought that I would put up and updated picture of myself. I was in Tennessee earlier this month and went out with some of my friends there. My friend, Hillari, took this picture.