Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Last Sunday, we had an Easter dinner and egg hunt with our good friends and neighbors, the Carlsons, who are moving to Oregon soon. My friend Hannah and their kids, Martin and Layona, are leaving this coming weekend to go on to Oregon to find an apartment with help from Hannah's parents. So, Hannah and I decided to go ahead and have a little Easter celebration for the kids. We made a ham, hashbrown casserole (funeral potatoes as they are called here---morbid name for such delicious food), salad, rolls, cupcakes, and tons of easter candy! Here is Emma opening one of her eggs.

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piglet26 said...

I cant hardly stand all these adorable pictures of emma....everytime I see her I think she should be the cover model for baby gap or something...and then I get to thinking about when will I ever have a baby girl. ohhhh she is sooooo stinkin cute!