Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can't wait for summer!
I found this adorable swimsuit and hat on sale last night and I just couldn't resist! Emma tried them on this morning, and I had to force the swimsuit off of her, and she hasn't taken the hat off since I gave it to her. I told her the swimsuit was for later, and she started pretending like she was swimming. We can't wait for warmer weather!
We got Emma a beta fish a few weeks ago that she named "Colors." It is dark blue and has a little bit of red on it's fins. We got some pretty marbles for his bowl yesterday and Emma put them in the bowl, two at a time. When we put Colors back in his bowl, Emma cried and said "no" a lot. I think she was upset because the fish blends in with the marbles and she can't see him as well anymore. I think the fish welcomes the opportunity to hide from Emma.
Emma has recently discovered the fun of crayons and paper, crayons and the couch and crayons and her dolly's face. Mommy has discovered the magic of rubbing alcohol in removing crayons from the couch and dolly faces!
Going grocery shopping with Mommy! I think that Emma looks so cute in this picture. Notice her purse around her elbow!
Aaron always gets me a yummy treat from the BYU bookstore for Valentine's Day. This treat was chocolate, caramel and pecans. Looks like I am not the only one who likes treats!
Emma got a Valentine's package from her Jefe, BB, and Auntie Kat-Kat. It was full of fun things like Dora Valentine's cards, a bear with flowers, a purse that has a butterfly on it, and a little doggie. She was so excited when I brought the box to her, she kept saying "OPEDIT" which means, "OPEN IT!"
And she got a puppy, too!
Here is Emma wearing her sunglasses. She will bring them to me and say "eyes." She thinks that they are called eyes. She is too funny!
This is a cute picture that Grandma took after Joy Engebretsen's wedding outside the Salt Lake Temple. I love this picture and I can print off copies for anyone there in Tennessee that wants one!
Grandma Jones gave us some pictures that she has taken of us over the last few months. Here we are at the last (I think) BYU football game. It was so cold!