Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We took Emma to the Utah State Fair in Salt Lake a couple of weekends ago. The weather here had been awful (cold, rainy, snow in the mountains...blah) but we went to the fair anyway. We didn't mind the cold too much since we planned on spending most of our time in the livestock barns anyway. Emma saw all kinds of animals. She got to see (and touch) horses, cows, pigs, this friendly sheep, goats, ducks, geese, chickens and roosters. She had so much fun (and so did we!).
This was a really friendly sheep. It saw us coming and as soon as we paid any attention to it, it "stood" on the rail of the fence to meet us. Emma wasn't too sure about it so I had to pet it first to show her that it was okay. It was so soft!
We went into the building that has all the chickens, roosters, ducks and geese in it. Emma loves birds and ducks, but she was a little apprehensive when she heard all the sqwaking that they all make! (check out her sweet mullett! we are trying to let her hair grow out, and i am not too sure if i should go get it trimmed up or not.)
And here she is with some of her favorite animals, the ducks.
Emma is saying: " Ewww..this doesn't taste anything like my Papa's corn! I can't stand to eat another bite!"
This stuff is gross.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Oh, that sweet baby Emma!
While I was getting ready to go to a BYU football game, I sat Emma on my bed and gave her a book to "read." She was acting so cute that I had to grab the camera!
Emma loves to look at books!
When we got back to Utah, I went to Education Week at BYU. I was gone most of the day and Aaron kept Emma for me. She loves being outside, and Aaron was watering the lawn at our apartments, and she found the sprinklers. She had so much fun playing in them!
I just love this picture!
"All this fun is making me thirsty!"
Soon after returning to Utah, Grandma and Grandpa Hale had their 60th wedding anniversary. They celebrated by renting 2 condos in Park City for a week and inviting their children and grandchildren to come and stay with them. What does that have to do with this picture you ask? This was taken in the pool at the condos in Park City.
Emma and Aaron were having a great time playing in the pool at Grandma and Grandpa Hale's condo in Park City.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

TENNESSEE: Emma's first birthday party.
TENNESSEE: Emma's first birthday! We had a little birthday party for Emma the week that we left Tennessee. We had it at my parent's lakehouse. I made Emma her very own birthday cake to demolish however she wished. As you can see, she did a pretty good job on it!
TENNESSEE: (Nursery show in Atlanta) While in the charge of my Mom and sister, we discovered that Emma likes Cheetos cheese puffs. And she likes to have one in each hand. And she likes to take a bite off one in her right hand, and then take a bite off the one in her left hand. What a funny baby!
TENNESSEE (sort of): During our last week in Tennessee, we went to the Southern Nursery Association nursery trade show. And of course, Emma came along. Here she is playing in one of the magazine racks next to our booth, showing off her new funny face.
TENNESSEE: This is what happens when you leave your mother and your 10-year old sister in charge of your kid while you go to work. This picture makes me laugh everytime I look at it. This is the hairbrush princess, Emma. Her hairbrush is her magic wand and she has a crown of feathers. I don't know how they managed to get her to leave the crown on long enough to get the picture, the kid won't wear a hairbow for anything!
TENNESSEE: We filled this tub full of warm water and daylilies, and put Emma in it to see what she would do. Hoping for a cute picture, we got this, and it will soon be making it's billboard debut somewhere along Highway 70 S near the nursery.
TENNESSEE: Here is Emma one Sunday morning before church, wearing one of my favorite dresses that she has. It is one that her Nannie gave her.
TENNESSEE: Here is Emma playing in one of her favorite play spots in her BB's house... it was a struggle to keep her OUT of the dishwasher...literally!
Here are Emma and her Aunt Kathy at Janel's wedding in June. Emma was really sick on this trip (the first time she has ever been sick). On the plane ride from Tennessee to Utah, Emma slept the whole time, which is highly unusual for her. By the time we landed in Salt Lake, she was burning hot with a fever of 104 degrees, and I was panicking! Luckily, I was able to get her in to see her doctor the next day, and it turned out that she had an ear infection. She wasn't the happiest baby on this trip, but she did a good job!
This is a better representation of the way Emma was feeling during our Utah trip for Janel's wedding.
TENNESSEE: Much to my dad's delight, Emma teethed on his homemade beef jerkey, just like my brothers and sister and I all did!