Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Merry Christmas!
Here are Emma and Aaron on Sunday before church a couple of weeks ago. There is our tree in the background which is now crunchy (it was a cut tree and we got over Thanksgiving weekend...a few weeks too early!) and we are hoping that it will last until Christmas without turning brown. We are excited that my parents will be coming out this weekend and Aaron's mom and sisters will be out a little later this month. Our good friends, the Summerills, will also be coming in from Hawaii to stay with their family. We are very excited to be here for Christmas this year!
We had spagetti for supper last week and we let Emma feed herself. She is really becomming quite independent. She always wants her own fork or spoon (and she would rather have one like ours than her plastic baby utensils). She loves tomatoes and ranch dressing and she really likes red bell peppers. She doesn't really like meat or chicken, but gobbled up salmon when we had that. Her favorite foods are fruits and vegetables (who is this kid?). I am sorry for the lack of pictures lately. She has been doing some really funny things and we have been taking more video than still pictures. Last week we had been very busy during the evening and got home kind of late. We put Emma in her pajamas and said that it was time to go "night night." She waved to us, said "ni night" and walked into her bedroom. Aaron and I just stared at each other and said "did that really just happen?" She is so fun! We can't wait for everyone to see her during Christmas! (Those who will be out here anyway!)
Emma is signing "bath" after she finished her spagetti and salad (notice her tomatoes and ranch dressing).