Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Dinner

Yesterday I hosted an Easter dinner at our house. It was our first Easter being away from all the family in Utah. It was my first Easter out of that state since we were married. It was a little sad for me. There was no weekend at Grandma Hale's-stuffing my face with all sorts of delicious food and candy, playing games with Grandma and Grandpa (and winning!). There was no Jones family feast with all the Jones family, homemade wheat rolls, and a table that sat 60-family and misplaced students. I mourned the loss of a Utah Easter a little.

While mourning this loss, Aaron and I came up with a plan to host an Easter dinner at our house. We invited my two cousins and their families, along with one of my cousins' brother-in-law and his wife to come have dinner with us. I wanted to do something big and fun before I can't do anything. We made a delicious honey ham, hashbrown casserole (also known as funeral potatoes), my cousins brought lima beans, salad, homemade rolls, caramel pie, and I made a lemon icebox pie.

We had a lot of fun, and I realized how much I love entertaining. And that I have a great kitchen to entertain in. Here are a few pictures:Emma and me in front of the table. (Yes, I forgot napkins.) My decorated easter table. I took a page out of Aaron's Aunt Sandra's "Holiday Table Decorating" book and decided to have a table strewn with jellybeans and other decorative Easter egg decorations. (If you have ever had the pleasure of eating a meal at Sandra's, you know that she has everything decorated for that season or holiday-not to mention a delicious meal, too!)

So, to any of our Utah family that reads our blog, we missed you yesterday! We hope that you missed us just a little, too. And to our family and friends around here, this was the beginning of what I hope will be many more fun dinners and days here at our house! Just don't count on coming until at least July.


Anonymous said...
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Annie said...

I love the table. Emma's dress looks so darling. Thanks for sharing. I miss that pretty little girl. You look so happy in your new house and new life.

Piglet 26 said...

ohhhhh haley, that is the cutest table, I would have never thought to do such cute things! I love it. I wish I was there too.

Janel said...

Haley! I love the cute Easter decorations, how fun to have your own house to be able to entertain. I can't wait to come visit you guys and see your new house. By the way you look really good!