Thursday, March 06, 2008

Babies Update

I have a few minutes to update while Emma is asleep.

I had a doctor's appointment today and the babies are weighing in at 3 pounds 11 ounces and 4 pounds 1 ounce. Their combined weight is already more than Emma weighed at birth. I know that individually that isn't that big of a deal, but for my body, it is a HUGE deal. I am definitely feeling the effects of more baby and all that comes along with them! The doctor said that everything looks great, and he was really impressed with their weight gain. I think it has something to do with all the Easter candy I have been eating.

I have had a few picture requests, and really there isn't anything to see. Aaron has been working late and by the time he gets home, I usually look pretty spent, so maybe I will get him to take a picture of me on Sunday when I actually take time to put on something other than pajama pants. Don't laugh, nothing else fits very well. So anyway, I promise to put up a picture of my preggo self very soon.

I also have some pictures of Emma...and will post pictures of the house with our stuff in it...when I can find the camera. For now, I am taking a nap while I have the chance!


Piglet 26 said...

Come on! I want some serious belly pictures. Priorities?!? ok, If your dad still wants the coolest awesomest pictures of his flowers ever, i am still planning on coming...just me alone and then I can hang out with you and the BABIES! (that means multiple the two that are going to be coming out of you!) hahahahahaha

tammy said...

Haley--Your babies sound like they are doing great! You must be taking good care of yourself. I miss you guys, and I am still excited that you are living out my fantasy! Emma is beautiful, as usual.

Justin & Heather said...

I can't believe you only have 8 weeks left! I am sure you can :) We miss you!

Sarah (and a few others) said...

Nap time is the best time of the day. You are doing great!!

Peggy said...

Haley- I'm so glad everything is going so well with your babies! Those frequent sonograms sound great. I bet it's nice to know what is going on so often. I hope you are loving your new home!