Saturday, December 13, 2008

Six Years

Aaron usually does something to surprise me on our anniversary, and I usually give away whatever secret I have been desperately trying to keep because I get too excited. So, I have been hiding out on the computer this evening creating this "surprise" for Aaron. He's on to me though-he keeps trying to sneak over and see what I am up to.

Six years ago, I was in my last semester of college, which meant that I was finishing student teaching. I was working part time for my dad. I lived in a little white house by myself in Rock Island. Six years ago, Aaron was taking some classes at Pellisippi State in Knoxville, and living with his dad. He was working for the Migrant Education Program in Tennessee.

Aaron and I were married on December 14, 2002 in the Nashville Tennessee Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I skipped my college graduation ceremony for my wedding. It was a great trade off! After our honeymoon, we moved to Salt Lake City, Utah for Aaron to attend school. This is us in our second apartment, in Pleasant Grove, Utah. At this point, Aaron was attending BYU, we were both working in Salt Lake, and PG was a good middle location for us. (We also didn't get a digital camera until that year, which is why I don't have any pictures from 2003!) Emma Katherine was born in August of 2005. We were so excited that our family was growing. This was our family Christmas picture that year. We were living in Provo, and Aaron was still going to school at BYU. I was working for my dad from home. This is our 2006 family picture. Emma was just over a year old, and always making us smile and laugh. We were still living in Provo. Aaron was still in school, and I was still working for my dad. One of our favorite things to every year was to take a drive up in American Fork Canyon and take pictures in the fall. This is us in 2007. Still in school, still working. Still loved taking pictures on fall drives in American Fork Canyon. We knew we were expecting another baby at this point. What we didn't know was how many we were expecting. You could call this picture "the calm before the storm!"

This is a side view of me about two weeks before our twin boys were born. We just bought our first home in Georgia, and Aaron had started his job with one of the "big four" accounting firms. I wasn't due to have the babies for another 2 months at this point.

William and Jonathan were born 6 weeks early at the end of March. They spent 8 days in the NICU. This is the only picture I have of us (well, where you can see some of both Aaron and I) at the hospital when the boys were born. When we brought them home, they both weighed less than five pounds. Looking back at this picture triggers some really strong emotions for me (and that is William in the picture). Here we are with our boys at Thanksgiving this year. We feel so lucky to have two healthy boys, who continue to grow and progress each day. Our family-August 2008. This was after we blessed the boys. Emma was a week away from turning three.

The last six years have been some of the best years of my life. I know, people say that all the time, but it is true! I feel so fortunate to have my very best friend as my eternal companion. I love the life that we have together, and I am sure it will only get better. Happy six years, Aaron. I LOVE YOU!

PS-I am excited for my steak and crab leg dinner that you are cooking for me tomorrow!!!


Rachel said...

I missed my college graduation ceremony so my family could get out to Tennessee for your wedding. I think we were somewhere in Nebraska when I would have graduated. I wouldn't have missed attending your sealing for anything. I can't believe it has already been 6 years, my how time passes by. Congratulations to both of you on your anniversary.

JoLayne said...

What a beautiful blog! You have made a great life together! It makes me happy just to know you are happy and we all enjoy your cute little fun kids. I appreciate you putting so many pictures on your blog. I enjoy them so much!

Janel said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great anniversary gift. I loved how you recapped the last 6 years. I hope you guys have a good one. If we were there we would take your kids for the day. Love you guys!

gretchen said...

Haley that was so sweet. I can't believe how fast time goes. Congrats on your successful years together and sweet, little beautiful family.

Piglet de' Erin said...

oh wow! congrats, can you believe how fast it goes. You two still look the same...and in fact, Haley you look awesome.

luv you.

The Longs said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow 6 years already huh? Well, you are looking great for having 3 kids, especially since just having twins not too long ago. Hope you have a wonderful sea food dinner, yummy!

Tina said...

Haley, I found your blog through Marci's! You have the cutest little family!

Bonnie the Cheerleader said...

How beautiful!

Jordan and Laura said...

Hi Haley, I just caught up on your last three blog entries and enjoyed them so much. You have a gift when it comes to writing and journaling. Reading your anniversary surprise for Aaron reminded me of your wedding day . . . we enjoyed it so much. We love you. Sandra and Brent