Monday, December 01, 2008

Recent Trip to Tennessee

Since Aaron has been traveling for work, we have made a few random trips to Tennessee, to break up the time and escape the boredom. Here are some pictures from one of our more recent trips. This is my Papa, my dad's dad, holding Jonathan and William. He kept saying what "good babies" they are. And, of course, my head started to swell with pride after a comment like that from him! William was being so funny while he was playing on the floor at the farm house. I guess he was getting sleepy since he was using the ball as a pillow! I went in to check on the boys while they were sleeping and I found this. William was rubbing Jonathan's head. It was so sweet! And then one morning, in my mom's kitchen floor, I found this. While I was busy with the babies, Emma snuck into my mom's kitchen and started "cooking." She emptied the flour and rice canisters, half the oatmeal container, and used a pinch of cornmeal to make her creation. It was pretty funny. She loves to "cook!" Here is Emma in her attempt to cross the monkey bars. While we were at the farm, she snuck outside and tried to go on the monkey bars by herself. When she came back in she said, "When I was going 'cross the bars, I falled off. But I didn't say aughhhh. I just falled on the ground." Do you get that? She must have not had time to scream when she was falling. She just fell off. And no, she wasn't hurt. My parents have this little dog named Killer. (He looks nothing like a killing dog of any kind. He is small, white and quite fluffy.) Anyway, Emma loves to torment him. And chase him. And spray him with the water bottle. She really likes him a lot. So much, that she is pretending to be him. By digging in the dirt like a dog. She didn't know I was taking this picture.


Cynthia said...

nice comments about Killer make my heart swell. haha

your mom sometimes passes me when I leave work and she is going to pick up Kat.
She rolls the window down and has Killer wave at me while saying something like "Hi Mommy" while she is stopped at the traffic light at Main and Chancery.

She always makes me laugh!!!

haley said...

Funny that you commented about Killer, Cynthia. I was thinking of you as I wrote the part about him!

Piglet de' Erin said...

Oh my word, your grandpa is as cute as your dad! I love your family and I often wish that I too lived in the deep south and spoke with a crazy southern accent. Also, you are so good to see the humor in Emma's mess, I think I would have lost it...which I usually do.

luv erin