Friday, September 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Point We went to Thanksgiving Point for a church playgroup day and played at the Farm Country. Emma had so much fun seeing the animals up close. She would shriek anytime the animals got close enough to touch!
This is a little pony that one of the workers brought out for the kids to see up close. It kept trying to get close to Emma and she would back away. The more she backed away, the closer the pony got to her. Emma never did touch it!
There is a little place in the barn that has baby chicks in a little cage with a glass front. Emma loved these chicks and would squeal everytime the chicks would move. It was so much fun to watch!


Marjorie said...

So I saw your first picture and I thought, "that looks like Jared, and I think he was even wearing something like that when we went to the petting farm" Duh it is Jared! Thanks for sharing Emma's ticket to let Jared have an extra ride on the ponies!

haley said...

I'm just glad that someone got a pony ride...someday Emma won't be so afraid of things like that!