Friday, September 14, 2007

Sea CreaturesThis is a starfish that we found at a place we went snorkeling called Shark's Cove. I have never seen a starfish like this. It was so neat! I put it on Sampson's shoulder to try and get a good picture of it!
We put the starfish on Emma's arm.
This is a sea urchin. It was really cool. It would move its spikes individually to move around.
Emma was so good to be careful and not squish the urchin.
This is a sand crab that we found on the beach outside our beach house. Most of the sand crabs are white, and about the size of a quarter. This must be an old one, because he was a bluish-grey color and was about the size of a dollar, folded in half. When Aaron and Sampson caught this one, it pinched Aaron so hard that it drew blood!

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