Friday, September 14, 2007

Pictures from the wedding
Since this is the whole reason we went to Hawaii in the first place, I figured I should put up some wedding pictures! I took some and Russell took some of these as well. Emma was the "flower girl". She had this pretty halo made out of pink plumeria flowers, but I think that this is one of the only pictures that we have with her wearing it! Here are Sampson and Brittany walking out of the temple. I was going to crop Emma out of the picture, but I wanted everyone to see how she really was during the day!
Here is Brittany trying desperately to get Emma to cooperate for a picture. Emma wasn't having it. She was so funny. Brittany's brother, Kenny, was taking pictures of everyone in front of the temple. Instead of being in any of the pictures, Emma stood behind Kenny and shouted directions for everyone who was having their picture taken. She would yell and point and try to repeat anything that Kenny said. It was so funny!
This is my sister, Katherine, and me. I am 17 years older than her. And for anyone who doesn't know me that well, my hair color is really the same color as Katherine's. And I used to be as skinny as her, too!
Emma loves it when her daddy throws her up in the air. We all think this picture is funny because Aaron had time to throw up the shakka wave. (The shakka is the wave that most people associate with surfing/surfers. According to Erin Summerill, and a few other Hawaiian locals that I met, the "shakka" wave started with a man from Laie who worked in the Kahuku Sugar Mills, located a few miles north of Laie. This man got his index, middle and ring fingers cut off while working in the mill. After that, to wave to people he would put up his hand (that only had a thumb and a pinky) and shake it. Somehow, it caught on!)
(Erin, correct me if I got it wrong!)

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