Friday, September 14, 2007

Hawaiian Flora
So I am a bit of a plant nerd (I love plants!) and I usually get made fun of when I go to new places for taking pictures of flowers and plants. I can't help myself. I think that the different plants and flowers are what give different places their true beauty. So if these things bore you, feel free to skip over this post!These are white plumeria flowers. These are typically the flowers that Polynesian women wear behind their ear. I like wearing them in my ponytail when I am in Hawaii. The flowers are so pretty and they smell heavenly! In the place we stayed, there was a pink plumeria tree outside one of the bedroom windows. When the wind blew just right, the smell of plumeria filled the bedroom!
I took this picture while we were driving into town (Honolulu). (At least I think that was where we were going!) The mountains are so beautiful there. They are massive and look like they are covered in green "fur." The mountains are one of the things that strike me as being so beautiful in Hawaii. On this particular day, with the mist hanging over them, Aaron said it reminded him of the mountains in Colombia.
I was trying to be artistic. It is a cocnut palm leaf and the moon. I know, I am a dork.
This is a view from the temple to the ocean. (The temple is behind me in this picture). I think that I put a similar picture up from our first trip to Hawaii, but it doesn't have the pretty bougainvillea flowers in it.
This is a pink plumeria flower from the tree outside the beach house we stayed in. When we were in Hawaii last, I wanted a good picture of a pink plumeria flower so bad, and came home a bit disappointed. But since this tree was outside our beach house, I got tons of pictures of pink plumerias!
This is a tree that was growing on the temple grounds. I don't know what kind of tree it is, but I think they are so neat. It almost looks like an umbrella. On the Kam Highway, traveling from Laie to Honolulu, there is a field that has a lot of these trees in it. I just love the shape and the way they grow.

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