Friday, September 21, 2007

Emma loves the park!Emma loves to go to any park and play. Anytime we drive past an elementary school playground, she gets so excited and points shreiking "Park! I wanna go da park!" And for the next five minutes I have to explain to her that we can't go to that park... we will have to go to another one. "I see da kids in da park! I wanna go da park!" is her reply. One of her favorite things at the park is the slide.
She looks a little funny in this picture, but there is a good reason. There is a park near our apartment that we go to pretty often. On this particular day, after we had supper, Aaron and I took Emma to play to wear her down before bed time. She was playing by the slide and two little boys soon joined her. One of them was 4 and one was 2. Well, the 2 year old kept trying to pull her away from the slide and she wouldn't go. She kept saying "no thank you" but he wouldn't listen to her and kept pulling her arm. (I taught her to tell other kids no thank you when they are doing something she doesn't like...we had a bully problem once before which resulted in handsfull of her hair being pulled out because she wouldn't get off a toy that she was playing with...) Anyway, her "no thank you's" got louder and more insistent. (Am I a bad mom? I just hung back waiting to see what would happen before I ran to interfere.) Well, before I could stop it, this kid was biting her arm. (That was when I stepped in.)
After talking to the little boy's mom, I learned that he had spent the summer in Hong Kong with his mother and her family and had lost all the English that he aquired before going to Hong Kong and only spoke Chinese now. Poor Emma, trying to use her words with someone who didn't even understand them! (If you click on the picture above this story to enlarge it, you can see the red spot in the bend of her arm where she got bit.)
The scene of the crime!
I have to say that Emma did a great job of recovering from the biting incident and going on with her time at the park. I did have to laugh though, anytime the kid came near her after that, she would yell "NO THANK YOU!".

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Lindsey said...

I can't believe that she says "No thank you!" She's so cute!