Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Together Again!

I was given the official discharge for myself on Monday afternoon and Aaron and I left the hospital and went home. Without the boys. They are still in the NICU, and I must say that was quite the emotional ride home from the hospital. Imagine getting a new toy only to have to leave it at the store for some undetermined amount of time...I cried the whole way home. Emma is staying with my parents in Tennessee so she wasn't here that night either. I came home with Aaron to an empty house. I cried a lot more.

HOWEVER, as I left the hospital, the boys were transfered to another part of the NICU. A less intensive care part. And they were allowed to go in a crib together! Aaron was so sweet to take me back on Monday night and let me see them in their new bed. They were so sweet and it was the first time that we had actually been able to see them both at the same time. They don't really look very identical to us. We are starting to wonder if they really are identical or not. Although, that is the least of my cares right now.

I left the hospital Monday night feeling much better that they were together and in the less serious part of the NICU. The room or "pod" that they are in is quite nice, and was built about a year ago. There are curtains all the way around a large cubicle like area that we can close to make it a more private room for us. There is a recliner and a few other chairs in there and it is quite comfortable. I went back yesterday and spent several hours there, holding and rocking the boys, and even letting them attempt to nurse.

They will get to come home when they can eat a certain number of bottles, each a certain amount of fluid, every day without getting too tired. They are eating really well, but still have 1 or 2 tube feedings a day so that they don't overdo it.

Here is a picture of William. He is the one we call our little beach bum. He had a hard time regulating his temperature so the nurses had to put him under a heat lamp more often than his brother. He would sprawl out under the heat and sleep. We laugh and say that he is having dreams of laying on a beach somewhere. He is quite the sleeper. I watched the nurses prick his heel to get blood, cry for 3 seconds, and go right back to sleep. What a funny kid!

Here is a picture of Jonathan. He is a little more restless and loves to eat! He wakes up 10 minutes before his scheduled feeding time and roots around for his food. He is kind of a sloppy eater-the kid already needs a bib! He loves to look around and see what there is to see.

I am not allowed to drive for two weeks so I am bumming rides to the hospital each day. (Okay, does that seem a little obnoxious to anyone? Take my babies, make them stay at the hospital, and then tell me I can't drive. Sure, why not.) If I go to the hospital in the mornings, Aaron drops me off on his way to work and then someone picks me up and takes me home. Or, if I get a ride later in the day, Aaron picks me up on his way home from work. My cousins here, Bonnie and Emily have been so good to help me out with rides (and they are stocking my freezer with food. I am thinking I should have twins more often!)

Aaron went back to work yesterday so that he can take his parental leave when the boys do come home, and Emma is still in Tennessee with my parents. I have been almost a week without Emma, and I am missing her so bad. She is quite the active girl though, and it is probably better for me to take this time to rest and recover before I have all the kids here.

I am recovering well. I am getting my strength back and getting along much better than I had imagined that I would. Its hard to be up and walking around for longer than 15 or 20 minutes at a time, but I am doing better every day. We are amazed at the outpouring of love and service of those around us. Like I said, Bonnie and Emily are doing so much to help us and anytime I ask either of them for any kind of help, they never hesitate to say yes. Our ward has started calling to set up meals and rides to the hospital and I am so grateful for that. We feel so blessed.

Thank you again for all your phone calls, emails and comments on the blog. We love you all and are thankful to have so many wonderful family members and friends. I will do my best to keep my posts up to date. Love to you all!


Kim said...

they look like angels sleeping together! so glad you are continuing to recover and the boys are doing so good!
If Emma needs a play date Gracie would love it!

Jillian said...

Haley, I will seriously pray that your pump comes tomorrow!

Grace signs "baby" every time we're at the computer because she wants me to go to your blog so she can see the boys. Then she just sits there and stares. It's pretty cute. She loves her cousins already!

Hammond said...

I don't know what you are talking about, they look pretty darn identical to me. But then I haven't ever seen them in person, and that makes all the difference. Good luck!

Christopher said...

What adorable little boys you two have! We love you guys and wish you all the best.

Piglet 26 said...

ohhh Haley, If I were there I would drive you to the hospital everyday! That does seem like a lot to deal with right after having the babies...they do look adorable in their bed together.


They are so cute! I hope they get to come home soon. I went to the park today with Lexi and Meagan...we miss you guys!

Peg-A-Leg Peggy said...

Haley- Congrats on the babies! They are so cute! I am glad you are feeling better. I bet you all are going to be so happy when you have all your family together under one roof!

Jewele said...

Haley, they are so beautiful! I can't believe you've been so good at blogging after all the excitement you've been through! I hope your boys get to come home soon! Congrats!

Tammy said...

Oh Haley!! I am so happy for you! William and Jonathan are beautiful! I am giving you a big imaginary hug right now (being careful not to squish your stitches or chest) and imagining what it would be like to hold your boys. They look wonderful. I'm glad those awesome friends of yours are taking good care of you because it's what we here in Utah wish we could be doing! I am going to go right now and make you an imaginary casserole and imaginary salad and dessert! Please keep up the posts if you can!

Love Tammy

Joy & Ted said...

Hi Haley,
Thank you so much for keeping up your blog. Your boys are so beautiful. I love the details about their little personalities too. I am so glad your ward and friends are being such a big help. I wish I could be there too! You are in our prayers and we're just so happy everyone is doing as well as you are. We love and miss you guys!

onehappykris said...

Congrats Haley! I'm so happy they are doing better too. I can't wait to see you again! They are very cute boys! I bet Erin is dying to take pictures of them!

The Butler Family said...

I loved reading your blog, Haley! The boys are looking and sounding great! My mom said they were to come home with you yesterday. We look forward to hearing more! Love, Karolyn