Saturday, April 05, 2008

Room with a View

I wanted to add a post showing the place where we have spent so much of our time lately. The Special Care Nursery (NICU) was located on the top floor of the hospital and was added about a year ago. It was very nice and offered a great view of part of Atlanta. This is not downtown Atlanta, just one business area. The two towers in the middle of the picture are called "The King" and "The Queen." I assume the one with the angular architecture on the top is the King and the one with the more rounded architecture is the Queen. It was a beautiful view. Too bad the boys are too little to appreciate it!These are the boys in their crib. They each had a computer monitor that constantly monitored their vital signs. There is a lot of extra equipment around their bed, for unexpected emergencies, I am sure. They didn't use most of that equipment. There is a small rectangular box with blue buttons on each side of the bed. This was the thing that they got their tube feedings from. The nurse would put formula into a large plastic syringe (like the kind they give you at the pharmacy if your kids get liquid medication) and would program in how much they got over the alloted period of time. The machine would slowly push the formula through their feeding tube and into their little tummies. While I am glad that I don't have to go up to that room anymore, fear and panic are beginning to set in as I know that their breathing isn't being constantly monitored, that their little heart rates aren't being watched on a 24 hour basis. Even though they were in the NICU, it was somewhat comforting to know that they were always being watched and constantly being looked after. I am glad to have them home with me though!

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I'm so glad they are home. Good luck!