Monday, October 16, 2006

She looks so happy here, but earlier in the day was a different story. This was the Babies-R-Us day. I had been to Babiea-R-Us looking for the perfect sippie cup (it doesn't exist) and Emma won't really sit in the front of the cart in the seat. Yeah, I know they have straps, and I strap her in as tight as I can but she still manages to stand up in the seat. And thinking how dangerous that is, Aaron has taught her a new trick...cart surfing...where she rides in the big part of the shopping cart and hangs on to the edge and just rides while we push the cart. Well, on this particular day, the cart surfing trick was a must, and we shopped a bit, and then we got in line to check out. The line was long and the checkers were in no hurry, so I was kind of in a daze, staring off into space while Emma played with the sippie cups we were buying. All of the sudden I looked up to see Emma's feet where her head is supposed to be, and her head where her feet should be, on the outside of the cart. I had enough time to brace myself for the moment, and she hit the floor and let out the most terrible scream. She dove out of the cart and hit the floor, head first. As soon as I picked her up I could see that it was not good. She had an enormous blue knot on her little forehead and her mouth was bleeding. I ran out of the store with her (and away from the stares of everyone in the store) and to the car, where I called my mom and then my doctor's office. Aparently this is pretty common and she wound up being okay. This is her in the bathtub that night. I tried to take a picture of the bruise, but it didn't show up very well. And she obviously got over it pretty quickly...much more quickly than I did...the feelings of "bad mom" lasted for a few days.

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