Sunday, October 15, 2006

Here is Emma before church one Sunday. She looked so cute in her plaid dress that Erin Summerill gave her and she has her bunny from Carolyn Kunic. Funny story about the bunny...up until now I have kept the bunny up on a shelf in Emma's room because it matches her quilt and all her bedroom stuff. I didn't want to let her play with it so it would stay nice and she could have it when she was older. But I guess that things up on shelves (out of reach) have quite the appeal to a little kid. It is the only toy that she will "beg" for saying "buh...buh...". So Aaron, being the doting dad that he is, gives in to the pleadings for "buh" and Emma now sleeps with the "buh". Lesson learned: things that are "off limits" are way more enticing than those things that are within reach!

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