Thursday, September 02, 2010

Trying To Catch Up

I keep promising myself that I am going to get this thing up to date, and then I don't do it (I think the last several posts have begun with this sentence!). So many things have been happening lately that I want to blog, but I refuse to put them on here till I have gotten current. I am ready to throw my hands up and just start where we are now, but I am going to make one more attempt:
When we were living in Utah, we tried to get up in the mountains each fall for a family picture. For 2009, we went to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park (a Civil War battlefield) here in Georgia. Looking back at this picture, I can't believe how much the boys have grown!
Emma got my camera and snapped this picture of Jonathan. As well of this one of William.
For some reason, I don't have any pictures of Christmas. But I do have a few other ones from December.

This is a picture of Emma wearing the pillowcase dress I made for her. She only wore it this one time, and informed me that she will not ever wear it again. (I don't know why...I think she looks adorable in it!) We will try again this fall and winter to get it on her! I also got this picture of my three little cuties! Looking at it, I realized that my kids could pass for triplets if the boys were bigger! I didn't realize how similar they all look until I looked at this picture! Here is another picture of all the kids together. Emma loves being a big sister and having fun with her brothers! Stay tuned... there is more to come!


Angie said...

your children are beautiful <3

Marci said...

So fun, you are getting there my dear friend! My sister in law gave my girls a pillowcase dress and Lisa and Annika were fine with it but according to Alison it's to puffy. Which I don't entirely get because she loves a poffy dress that you can twirl in. Maybe her and Emma can talk :)

Sandra & Brent said...

Hi Haley,
I can't believe what a blog slacker I've been this summer. Haven't kept my own up nor have I followed anyone elses. I finally posted tonight, and I looked in on a few others. I loved the photos in this post . . . so precious. I also loved getting to see Aaron for an hour when he was in town. Hoping to see the rest of you at Christmas . . . Love ya, Aunt Sandra

Sandra & Brent said...

Hi Haley,
I just caught up with Janel's blog and loved the photos of your kids with hers. I love that you guys are getting together and creating wonderful memories for your kids with their cousins. We're so looking forward to seeing you and Aaron and the kids at Christmas. Love, Aunt Sandra