Tuesday, July 06, 2010

October 2009

Not that I can remember too much from October (seeing that it is now JULY), but I do remember that one morning I took the kids outside for a chocolate chip muffin picnic for breakfast. I also remember that they really loved it!

This is Jonathan, eating his muffin at the kid picnic table. And here is William (and yes, they are still in their pajama tops! I did put some jeans on them, though!). I don't remember what day this was, but I think that Emma just looks so darn cute in the Cozy Coupe- and I love the colors of the car and her shirt. In October, Emma participated in her first ever Primary Program. She wore this dress that her BB bought for her, and she looked so pretty! She also memorized her part for the program and several of the primary teachers commented on how well she did!And of course, October means Halloween. Here is William digging in the "scary hand candy bowl" at the ward Trunk or Treat (that was held in the gym). The boys had gotten flu shots the day before and didn't feel that great. That didn't stop them from eating candy, though! (A note about the bowl: My dad got the bowl at one of his "auction" trips and it scared Emma to death. The hand moves and it makes noises. Anytime anyone would come over to our house, Emma would lead them to the closet where we kept the bowl and tell them to get it out, take it home with them, and throw it away!) Here is Jonathan- unhappy about his costume, and not feeling well. I felt like I totally scored on the costumes, though. I waited till the day of Halloween, went to the Walgreens down the street, and got each dog costume for $2.50. I think they were regularly $10 or $15 each! Emma wanted to be Woody from "Toy Story" for Halloween, but most older people didn't know who Woody was when we went Trick or Treating. So, she was pretty frustrated by the end of the day since everyone kept telling her she was a pretty cowgirl!


Jillian said...

I love your updates Haley! No comments from me on not keeping up with the blog. It's hard!

I saw some recent pics of your kids on Janel's blog and I can't believe how big the twins are! Crazy!!

Chantell Hammond said...

Ok, couple of things. First, great job on the costumes! What a great idea! Heck, even if you don't need a halloween costume, it's a great time to stock up on dress up clothes. Second, I loved the muffin picnic idea. See, this is why I read peoples blogs, because I'm not creative on my own.