Monday, August 27, 2007

Jones Family ReunionWe had a reunion for the Jones side of Aaron's family. We went down to Cedar City for a week and stayed in the dorms at Southern Utah University. The campus was beautiful and we learned about some of Grandpa Jones' ancestors that were significant in the history of the school. His ancestors were also some of the first settlers of that area.
This is a picture that I took of Aaron and Emma while we were walking around the SUU campus.
We also spent some time in the mountains at Aaron's great Uncle's cabin. His uncle owns a large number of sheep and they stay in the mountains. It was pretty cold up there, and we didn't bring coats (seriously, who would think that it would be cold in southern Utah in August?) so Emma and I played in Aaron's Pathfinder for a while. And to entertain ourselves, we took pictures. Notice Emma's eyes in this one-she looks so funny! While at the cabin, Aaron's cousin, Amy, found this creature. I think that it is called a horny toad, which confuses me because I think it looks more like a lizard than a toad. Anyway, we put it on my shirt so Emma could pet it.
Here is Grandpa Jones giving Emma a big hug!
This is Emma loving on her cousin, Grace.
Aaron's Uncle also had a farm down in Cedar. He had some goats there that he let the kids feed. I was really surprised that Emma would feed them, but she did and she loved it!
On another day of the reunion, we went on a hike in a small town called Kannarraville. (I may have misspelled that!) The trail followed a stream and then led into these narrows. It was a beautiful hike, and super easy. Emma walked a lot of the way, but Aaron wound up carrying her as well!
Emma and Aaron pose for a picture during our hike. She just looked so cute here!


Goggins Family said...

Haley what a cute blog! I had no idea you had one. This will be on my list of ones to check! I want to see pictures of Hawaii!

piglet26 said...

Your picture of aaron and emma is beautiful! I loved it. What software did you touch it up in? I want to go to the narrows! soooo pretty.