Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Emma's Big WeekendEmma had her second birthday recently. See the lovely cake I made? Yeah, right! This little cake was purchased at the Target bakery. If you like buttercream icing, Target makes a pretty good one. We had a friend over from church for Emma, and Sampson and Brittany came. When I asked her what she wanted to eat that day, she said hotdogs. So, we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, and just had a fun, laid back afternoon. Oh yeah, and we got her "cooking" stuff for her birthday. You know, little play pots and pans, plastic "dinnerware" and food.
The next day, Emma got her first haircut. I was a little unsure how she would handle this ordeal, so while I was getting my hair cut, Aaron brought her to watch. When it was her turn, we put this shiny red cape on her and the girl that cuts my hair (Stacia) gave her a sucker. Emma was very nervous and wouldn't even eat the sucker at first. We put her on my lap, and when Stacia moved behind Emma, the poor kid let out this horribly loud (and long) scream. It was really embarassing because I get my hair cut at a pretty nice place down in the Riverwoods (if you know where that is). So when Emma screamed, all these people started poking their heads around corners and turning around to see what was going on. After letting out the shreik, she sat still and quiet, ate her sucker and let Stacia cut her hair.
The next day, Sunday, we went to church. I got this dress for Emma (actually BB paid for it) while we were in Tennessee. I thought that she looked to big in this picture!
Emma loved the pockets in this dress. Pockets are a new discovery for her. She likes rocks, loose change, and anything else that she can stuff into her pockets.
On Sunday we also went for a drive up in the mountains. We stopped here at Rock Creek Canyon. It was so beautiful here! (If you click on the picture to make it larger, you can see some of Provo and the Utah lake in the background in between the two mountains.)
Here are my two crazy kids! These two chased (and caught) a lizard, and Emma found some dirt to play in.
What a dirty (but cute) face!

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Goggins Family said...

so cute. I think emma looks just like Aaron in the one in her white dress with the little smirk on her face!