Wednesday, February 09, 2011

January 2011

I didn't take many pictures during January...

It snowed quite a bit here during the first week of January. I am probably the only person that didn't take pictures. (I have been looking at my friends' blogs, and they are all good moms with pictures of their kids in the snow.) I guess I got my fill of snow while we were in Utah over Christmas. I am regretting not taking pictures now because the kids were so funny. The snow here was totally different than the Utah snow. We had several inches, and then there was a super slick layer of ice on top. It pretty much turned the back yard into an ice skating rink- especially since the boys just wore their rain boots (with several layers of socks) out to play.

During the week of snow, Aaron was unable to get to his client in Charlotte, NC, and he was also unable to get to his office in Atlanta. Which meant he was working here. The whole week. It was really a task for me to keep the kids away from him while he was on conference calls and calls with co-workers.

We also managed to break our water heater and vacuum cleaner during the snow week. There were no plumbing companies that would come help replace the water heater in the snow and ice, so Aaron and a sweet older man from our ward went and bought and installed a new water heater. (I make it sound like it was quick and easy, but the job took the entire day.) I also got to buy myself a new vacuum cleaner- and I love it!

I did happen to take two pictures during the month. This one is Emma with a picture that she drew on her chalk board/ white board art easel that she got for Christmas. She wanted to wear her nicest clothes for this picture. She picked the outfit out all by herself! (In case you can't tell, that is a picture of an angel and God.)

The only other picture I took was one of Emma receiving her 100 Day Club certificate. The kids in her Kindergarten are given 100 "skills" to master in the first 100 days of school. Emma mastered them all, with several weeks to spare! Here she is getting her certificate from her Principal. We are so proud of you, Emma!


Kristiner said...

What a mess that storm was! Hurray for a new vacuum! I am secretly wishing mine will break because I want a new one! Emma is so cute!

Heather Inns said...

I love your post. I didn't get any pictures of the snow either.