Wednesday, January 27, 2010


You've heard of Murphy's Law, right? Its the one that says, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." It's one of my Dad's favorites.

Which brings me to some of my Dad's Laws:

  • No good deed goes unpunished.
  • If you keep doing what you're doing, you will keep getting what you're getting.
  • I'm not going to say I told you so, but I previously informed you. (I don't know that that one is a law per say, but the law is that when we do something dumb, he will say that...)
After an incident this morning, I decided to come up with MY own laws, "Mommy Laws" if you will:
  • Clean carpets will be puked on. (Aaron and I spent last night cleaning all the carpets/rugs in the house. Upon returning home from taking Emma to preschool this morning, Jonathan puked all over the place. Luckily, it was outside and in the van a little. But now I won't let him get on the carpets.)
  • Clean diapers will get pooed in (within 5 minutes of clean diaper being put on). (This one is a no fail around here. I have given the boys a fresh diaper, only to have to change it 5 minutes later, more times than I can count.)
  • Mommy's black shirts will get snotted. (Probably serves me right for wearing a black shirt. BUT it seems that every time I wear a black shirt, my kids wipe their noses on it. I have learned to lovingly refer to the snot streaks as "slug trails.")
  • Slobbery kisses are the best. (Nothing melts my heart like a big slobbery, sometimes open mouthed, kiss from my boys. They are so sweet, and rarely ever turn down my request for a little lovin'.)
  • Nothing is better than being a "Momma." (Do I really need to explain?)
While life as a mommy isn't always glamorous, easy, or even clean, I can tell you that there is nothing else I would rather do with my life. My life as a mom, even with the "Mommy Laws," could not be any sweeter. And I try, every day, to remember that. I have heard so many people say, "They grow up so fast," or "This is just a phase." I know they do, and I know it is. And I also know that when its gone, it is gone. One day my carpets will stay clean, my black shirts won't have a shimmery trail, and my boys won't want to kiss me, and my kids will be embarrassed by their Momma.

Love your life, live by its laws, and learn to throw your hands up and say, "Oh, well!" Enjoy it while its here.


The Walkers said...

Too funny. I had to laugh about the barf on the newly cleaned carpet. I would love to hear about the funny things that Emma and the boys say and do. I'm starting to learn as a parent that if you don't cry.

Janel said...

Starting with the blog post below...I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your "mommy moments". Especially, since we never get to see you guys! Look forward to reading them.

Hale-O There said...

so true! I seem to get slobber, boogers, or spit up on my shirts whenever I hold a baby, I can't imagine the carpet!

Brittany said...

Gotta love cleaning up puke...the fun just never seems to stop when your a mom! I hope you have found a better way to clean it up than with a dust pan :) We definitely want to hear more Emma sayings especially if they include "I'm on kawanga" or "a lil lip baalm"

Tina said...

What a cute post! I need to adopt your outlook on things a little bit more.

I'm Erin said...

such great mommy blog! you are the best and I miss you.

ChiroMomma said...

Love reading your blog! We miss you. Want to come visit? its -9 actual temp today :)

Kim said...

Love this post Haley! It seems like it took me until I had three to finally relax and just say "Oh well." Instead of stressing that everything is perfect, clean, and non-smelly, I'm enjoying the sweet little mommy moments because it does go too fast! Keep the stories coming!

Tammy said...

Amen. Jason always comments on how 'we just can't have anything nice' because all out new things get christened in some form or another.....but I wouldn't have it any other way! (and really, neither would he!)

Janeal said...

You should embroider those laws on pillows and give them to friends for Christmas. :) I can't believe you have twins! (and I love that I found your blog)

Sandra & Brent said...

I loved reading your laws and your thoughts and would definitely be interested in hearing more. Sorry about the barf bowls and soiled sheets . .. those were the days. Carry on cute mother of three and keep on blogging. Love ya, Sandra