Monday, October 26, 2009

Sandra, this one is for YOU!

There seems to be some debate, as of my last few posts, as to whether or not I should keep posting "dumb face pictures" (I am quoting Aunt Sandra) of Aaron. Since Aunt Sandra thinks he needs a nice face picture, this is for her. BUT, if you do enjoy a good "dumb face picture," it isn't Aaron, but I think this will do: Love ya, Dad!


Sandra & Brent said...

I feel SO honored . . . a blog post in response to one of my little ole comments! I love the photo of you and Aaron . . . thanks so much for posting it. Now, as for the photo of your dad . . . he's gonna LOVE that one! Love you, Sandra

The Walkers said...

Haley, I just want you to know that I am all for you posting goofy pictures of Aaron. I loved your post about you missing Utah. I tell ya, Utah misses YOU! I'm sad that you guys won't be here for Christmas!