Tuesday, September 01, 2009


The month of August has been a lot of fun for us. I am starting this post with some of my favorite pictures from this month:

I love this of the boys! They were having so much fun with the cordless phone and the headset that goes with it. I tried to get a picture of William with the headset on, but he kept taking it off. However, Jonathan would not put the phone down!

Jonathan looks so puzzled here!

The boys got their first sink bath after we had lasagna for dinner one night. As I was washing them up, I wondered why this was their first sink bath. I could have been saving myself so much back ache if I had been doing things this was all along! (William on the left, Jonathan on the right)

And then they showed me why we probably shouldn't be doing sink baths at this point. They kept trying to crawl out on to the counters!

My mom found this awesome water table on Amazon.com and got it for Emma's birthday-for all the kids to play with. They have had so much fun with it!

More of the boys in the water table.

If you read my last post, you know that Emma turned 4 this year! Since her birthday fell on a Monday, we had a little family dinner with cake and family present opening. We let Emma choose her birthday dinner, and she requested steak and smashy potatoes. We were thinking that she would ask for hot dogs or pizza or something, but it was steak!

Here is Emma, accompanying us while we sang "Happy Birthday."

This is Jonathan with his slice of cake... And William after devouring his slice!

On the following Saturday, we had a birthday party for Emma. She invited 4 friends and their families over for a barbecue, cake, pinata, and fun in the back yard!

Here is Emma with her pinata spoils-boxes of Dots candy, stuffed in her pockets and lining the cuffs of her jeans. Well done, Emma! This is Emma's birthday cake. Cinderella-her favorite!

And just for fun, I am leaving you with the latest picture of Aaron!


Drew and Kristine said...

I love that pic of Aaron! lol!
What fun times! Your house is way cute, by the way!

Piglet de' Erin said...

Ha ha! I can't believe how big your boys are. They are growing up so fast, and Emma too. When I look at her getting so big, I'm sad. It's too bad you guys don't live closer (hint hint). Also, Aaron looks great as ever...ha ha...great shot.

What about you? I want a picture of you.

I am going to Missouri the first weekend in October to take pictures. HOw far are you from there?

Janel said...

I wish we lived closer so Brooklynn could be around her cute cute cousins. I can't believe Emma is 4, and the boys look like they've grown a lot since last time we saw them. We miss ya guys!

Joy and Ted said...

Oh I miss you guys!!

Peggy said...

I love a good ole sink bath! So much fun. Your kids are so cute!

Scott & Rach said...

What a great post . . . the kids are, as always, adorable and that Cinderella cake is the stuff of little girl dreams! I seriously can't believe that Emma is 4 . . . I guess that means that Landon will be 4 this month. Crazy. We're so happy that you'll be coming to Utah for Christmas. Did you know that my entire family will be home for Christmas this year? Love ya, Sandra

Sandra & Brent said...

Sigh . . . I have got to start checking more carefully who's signed on to Google on my computer. That last comment was, of course, not from Scott and Rachel. I end up sending comments from Laura, Rachel, Annie, etc. all the time! Love, Sandra

Sandra & Brent said...

Okay, so I just checked back about four posts and in every picture of Aaron he pulling a dumb face! Tell him that if I don't see a nice picture of him in the next blog I may need to come to Georgia and slap him upside the head! You know I love ya, Aaron! You too Haley! Aunt Sandra

acehale said...

Sandra, if that is what it takes to get you here, then I will keep posting dumb face pictures of Aaron! Love you all lots! -Haley

Jordan and Laura said...

I love that Emma wanted steak for her birthday. She is a girl after my own heart. I agree, it's time you posted pictures of yourself. I, however, want you to keep posting the dumb pictures of Aaron. They're too great.