Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

I am so far behind in my blogging, that I thought I would be better off to just start where we are now. There hasn't been much that has happened since our fun Florida trip. Well, maybe I just haven't really had the camera out much. I "participated" in a 5k, we have been sick off and on, we had our hardwood floors refinished (dishwasher leak back in November), then our fridge went out, then the fridge repair man damaged the floor in front of the fridge, and I think that gets us to last weekend!

For Father's Day weekend, we went up to Tennessee. My brother, Sampson, his wife, Brittany, and their new baby girl, Phoenix, were in from Utah. We haven't ever met Phoenix before, so it was really nice to see and hold her! The boys seemed to like her, but they were a little cautious around her, too. William kept crawling up to her, reaching out to touch her, and then he would pull his hand away. It was really sweet. And Phoenix was a little doll! She is so sweet!

My brother, Dan, took some great pictures over the weekend with his awesome camera, and here are some of those.

There is a little market close to the river called Rock Island Market. They have some of the best cheeseburgers on the face of the earth. Here are the boys getting their first taste of Market food. (Jonathan is on the left, in the background.) Here is William, who thinks he is starving, which is evident when you notice how much food he is trying to shove in his mouth. Emma and Jonathan With the boys still just crawling, we found it necessary to contain them down at the dock. The little inflatable raft did just the trick! (And just so you know, I am not at all concerned about them not walking yet. Yes, they are 15 months old. But they will do it when they are ready. Once they master walking, I could be in for it.) And then there's Emma. My sweet, sassy, "cool surfer girl," Emma. She loved riding the boogie board behind the jet ski (which was driven v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y!) "Oh Yeah!" She was so excited to be doing such big things. Here is Emma with her cousin, Noah, swimming around under the dock. (If you click on this picture to enlarge it, you can see how blue her eyes are. They are so pretty in this picture.) Emma swimming around...

It was a fun weekend!

PS-Thanks to Dan for all the great pictures!


tammy said...

Your punks are so cute. We miss you!

Laura Judd said...

i think that the pick of william stuffing his face is my favorite in the bunch

Sandra & Brent said...

I enlarged the picture of Emma (as suggested) and ooohhh, that girl DOES have blue, blue eyes! Beautiful! The boys are lookin' great too . . . so big! Sorry about the damage to the newly refinished wood floors. It's just not fair. Love ya, Sandra

Jordan and Laura said...

So, I've never thought so until I saw these pictures, but Emma looks SO much like Janel and Julia. Your boys are about as Hitchcock as they come though. I'm glad you had so much fun.