Sunday, April 19, 2009


Ugh, I am so behind on my blogging. Things have been really crazy around here, and they are finally starting to calm down, so back to the blog!

Anyway, here is the rundown from March (or at least the pictures that I have downloaded to the computer). The first Sunday of March, we had a snowstorm. Wait, after living in Utah, this really only qualified as a light dusting. This was the only snow accumulation we had all winter. And I have to say, I am not very sad about that! The house and yard. On a side note, we got out of church an hour early this day. You know, because of the snow. Emma and Aaron built a "snowfriend" that Emma called, Fred. He was as tall as she was and lasted about three days. (Notice all the grassy spots in the yard from building him!) This was three weeks after our snow. I got the boys these little swings from a friend (who was going to sell them in a consignment sale) for $5. For both of them. The boys LOVE them!



Drew and Kristine said...

Ha ha! I love how things are so different depending on where you live! Once, when I was a kid church got cancelled for church, and I think once last year. And YOU know what it can get like here! Ha!

Your kids are SO cute!

Jordan and Laura said...

After all the snow dumping on us lately, I'm SO glad it's spring. I loved the picture of Emma and her snowfriend.

Scott & Rach said...

The grin on Jonathan is to die for- what a cutie!