Sunday, February 22, 2009

Catching Up From January

I know. It has been a long time since I have posted pictures of the kids. I HAVE AN EXCUSE! My computer is overloaded and will most likely crash if I upload one more picture. Know what takes up the most memory on the computer? Yes, pictures. In case you haven't noticed, I take lots of pictures of the kids. You only get to see a very small fraction of what I actually take! So, in case you have been religiously checking my blog for updates (haha) here is something to hold you over until I burn some pictures to CD's to clear up some memory! If you have never been to our house (or seen a picture of the living room), our couches are in the middle of the room, and form a right angle (see, I learned something in Geometry!). The arms of the couches are touching so that little ones can't escape. (I keep the other "exits" blocked off while the boys are playing so they have a big area to play and explore.) Well, Jonathan has figured out a way to spy on me when I am out of "range." The only problem is that he can't quite fit through the opening. And it doesn't look like he realizes that. (And don't judge me for the cheerio crumbs under the couch!) Here is William in his high chair. He is always so full of smiles! And here is Jonathan. He likes to growl and fake cough. We have fun "coughing" at each other. And here is another "self-portrait" of Emma. She loves my camera. I love picking it up and finding random pictures of her and her toys! In January we went on a trip to the Georgia Aquarium, which is in downtown Atlanta. We got there right as it opened, and Emma got to have a picture with Deepo, the Aquarium mascot, as he came out to roam the Aquarium for the day. (Home Depot has donated a lot of money to the aquarium, hence the orange fish, and the name Deepo.) Like I said, we got there right as the aquarium opened. There was a diver cleaning the glass in one of the tanks. It was really cool to see him in there. He has a suction cup that he holds onto with one hand while he cleans the glass with a giant sponge in the other. The kids loved it!These are the "jellies." I love the way this exhibit is set up. The jellyfish look so neat and so scary at the same time! We love to go to the aquarium, so if you are ever in Atlanta and you want to go, give us a call!

And as for me, I have taken up running on a treadmill. It is something that I have really been enjoying until I hurt something in my right foot. After I run, my foot hurts really bad on the inside part of my foot (like the tendons), right between my inside ankle bone and the pokey out bone in the middle of the inside of my foot. Usually within an hour or two of running, my calves and shins start to cramp in that leg, and then by the end of the night my whole leg hurts. (I am describing all this in case anyone has any ideas as to what it could be.) I have done some elliptical workouts, but I really would just rather run.

I have also taken the "office" back over for my dad's business. I take calls and orders, and take care of the billing. It is nice to be able to work from home, but it seems like the phone only rings when I am in the middle of changing a diaper or feeding a baby. Such is life!

Aaron has started his busy season. Oh the joy-but I am not complaining. He has a job and for that, we are very grateful.

Hope everyone is well!


Drew and Kristine said...

Haley! So nice to have an update! :)
Your kids are growing so fast! My brother live in Atlanta and I love it there. Every time I read your blog it makes me want to go visit again! Glad things are going good. Good luck with the foot, I don't have any ideas. :(

Sandra & Brent said...

Hi Haley,
I was so excited to see your update. I sooo want to get my hands on those cute kids of yours! The couch fence is great . . . brilliant! Sorry about the running woes. There's nothing more frustrating than wanting to be diligent with exercise and having some stupid thing like that holding you up. I'm afraid I don't know what would be causing that. Are you taking any kind of anti-inflammatory medicine for it (ibuprofen?) Love ya, Sandra

Janel said...

I am so glad you posted. I was just thinking I hadn't seen pictures of the twins in a while, and of course there as cute as ever. I would love to come visit and go to the aquarium. Anyway, sorry about your running injury. It's possible it could be shin splints. Which are way painful. If it is shin splints I would just ice it. Hopefully, whatever it is get's better fast! Good luck! We miss you guys!

Cynthia said...

try standing on a step and letting your heel hang off the step and stretch for a couple of minutes.

DO NOT BOUNCE! Just hang it off.

This is the only way I am able to even take a walk without terrible pain. It is my Achilles(SP?) tendon, I have beeen told.

THis totally works for me, hopw it helps.

Piglet de' Erin said...

how fun! I love the pictures of the boys, and the aquarium sounds like so much fun...and now that you took back over the office for your dad's flowers, I am going to have to call in and pretend I am some crazy client...and you will never know if it is me or some real crazy client...hahahahaha

SherryB said...

Hey Haley!! Your kids are really cute!! I can't believe how big the twins are!! I tore my achilles tendon in high school when I was a Pioneerette. It hurt bad. Sounds kinda like the same thing. Just be sure to stretch your tendon really well (like Cynthia said). If it quits hurting after a day or so its probably not torn, just pulled maybe. Anyway- hope this helps!!

Brittany said...

Haley -
The boys looks just as cute as ever. I miss them and Emma so much. I can't believe I am going to have one!!! Ahh!! It looks like you are staying busy especially with your running! Speaking of running...make sure that you have good insoles and that you aren't running off balance on your feet or turning them in or out (sometimes this causes tendons to tighten up and be really painful). As for your shin splints make sure you are stretching your legs (everything: calves, quads, and hip flexors) before and after you run. Try laying on your back with your knees bent and place the back of one heel at the front of your other toe and flex the front foot and hold for 30 sec (repeat a couple of times on each foot). You won't feel a whole lot put this will (overtime) strengthen the muscle that causes your shin splints and hopefully relieve your pain. When all else fails ice and ibproufen helps :) I can't wait to come down and see ya'll again.

Mark & Lindsey said...

You're ALIVE! ;)

Kim said...

your kids are cute as ever--it was so fun to see them all a few weeks ago! LOVE that picture of Jonathan trying to sqeeze through the sofas.

Jenny said...

Cute kiddos!

I am training for a 1/2 and from what I have read, new shoes fit for your feet make a huge difference for your legs, knees and feet. You can go to an actual running store (that specialize with fitting your feet not like a footlocker)and they have tester shoes you can run in and can look at your feet and tell you the type of shoe you need for your type foot. Just a thought...hope you feel better soon.

Scott & Rach said...

Your boys are so cute, I was thinking I couldn't believe your floor is so clean with 3 little ones- totally missed the cheerio. How do you do it?!

Jordan and Laura said...

In case you were wondering, I have been checking your blog everyday to see if you've updated. I'm so glad you posted pictures of the boys. They look so different!! Emma looks so big too! Miss you guys.

Kjersti said...

I was going to comment on this a long time ago but I forgot to...I've had the same problem with my feet and it sucks. I'd definitely look into the new shoe thing. I'm guessing that's probably the problem. I went to a shoe store the other day and I said I thought I had high arches and he said that I actually had flat feet because of where the wear was on the bottom of my shoes. They make different shoes for crap like that. Good luck finding a good pair. :) I miss you and your kids soooooo much! I wish I could just pick up and come visit sometime! I have a blog now, it's kjerstiann.blogspot
Love ya!